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The North Carolina native, Christina Munsey, is a singer-songwriter known for having captivating musical storytelling abilities along with her heartfelt lyrics and velvety, soulful vocals that are quite hard not to love. Scoring her song, “Give me a Minute” into one of the most popular programs in America - the original NETFLIX series, “Love is Blind” was a tremendous achievement for her first sync placement. Ranking #28 on Shazam’s Top 100 Pop Chart and charting on the Top 200 Canada Chart, as well as over 35 other charts internationally, there’s no stopping her. In an era where having teams of people writing one song is considered the norm, Munsey has consistently broken that mold with her effortless song-crafting capabilities matched with her rich, honeyed vocals that are sought after by a broad spectrum of producers and labels internationally. The infusion of her polished songwriting, sultry voice, and old soul has created something hard not to gravitate towards.

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