New Single


Out August 28, 2020

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Debut EP

 for me or for you

Out March 6, 2020

Eighteen-year-old Christina Munsey, like many talented young singer/songwriters today, began singing at a very early age.  Young talent isn’t a rare commodity these days but young talent with a distinguished voice, polished writing skills, poise, and a sense of self and determination isn’t commonplace.  And in an era where having teams of people writing one single song is considered the norm, Munsey is her own team, writing effortless electro-pop melodies and lyrics that float along to her dreamy vocals and indie vibes.  Her latest single, “habits,” with its haunting synthesizer and wistful, breathy vocals, will be out August 28, 2020.

Munsey released her very first song “Rose Gold” late last year with multi-talented producer, engineer, and songwriter Au Lune.  Mystic Sons declared it “…a bold and euphoric electro-pop belter, with nods to Zedd.”  Soon after, she released her five-track (and one interlude) debut EP, for me, or for you on March 6, 2020.  The lead track “crystal skies,” with its layered textures and atmospheric melodies, electric guitar and high hats was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” Poptronix” playlist and received some stellar reviews.  Lefuturewave proclaimed, “Munsey is one of the most promising acts of 2020….crystal skies has all the elements of a modern masterpiece.”   Clout said, “CHRISTINA MUNSEY STUNS IN DEBUT SINGLE…” Caesar Live N Loud called out Munsey’s “…gorgeous, honeyed vocals…they soar effortlessly over the infectious electro-pop production… I can't stop listening to this song.” The Honey Pop said the songs were, “… beautifully crafted. From Christina’s breathtaking vocals to the melodious notes handcrafted together to form mind-blowing music…” and Reignland declared,  “This incredible voice is shared with the heavy booming of the bass, drums and keyboard to make you take notice right away.”


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