Debut EP, for me or for you

Out March 6, 2020


Out February 28, 2020


Out February 21, 2020


Out February 7, 2020

Electro-pop and indie vibes flow together seamlessly as Christina Munsey sings about everyday teen angst on her debut EP, for me, or for you.  Munsey’s songwriting comes from an internal, moody place based on personal experiences and draws inspiration from the world around her.  The melodies come into her head first, starting with a hum until they sound like she wants them to sound, then come the words, which she starts piecing together to form the lyrics and the phrases that form the song. Her songs are also summoned from nature, especially storms which conjure up something that triggers a wave of creativity that is only harnessed through her music.  

Munsey released her very first song "Rose Gold" (with her producer Au Lune) in 2019. Now with, for me, or for you brings five new songs (and an interlude) that make up the EP.  The lead track, “crystal skies,” glows with layered textures and atmospheric melodies, electric guitar and high hats. Other songs such as “hazy” and ‘apart” are about being at the end of yourself and not knowing how to cope with a lost relationship.  Lighter tracks include “swoony,” a made-up word to describe having overwhelmingly intense feelings for someone, and “california glow,” which was inspired by a picture that resonated with Munsey of two arms reaching out to each other in a field.  It overwhelmed her with the sensation of finding light in a dark situation. All of her songs come from a raw, emotional place resulting in effortless melodies and lyrics that float along to her dreamy vocals.


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